Power Quality Loggers


BRAVO SPITMI_bravo_spi

The purpose of this multifunction instruments is registration off all PQ parameters for each feeder in low voltage facilities. Basic features of instrument are measuring: frequency, voltage, current, phase angels, unbalance, harmonics, flickers. Calculating active, reactive, harmonic and apparent power, energy, cos φ. Record of voltage events like dips, swells and interruptions. Statistic analysis of measured results according to EN 50160.

Download BRAVO SPI datasheet

TMI_bravo_spi_2 rgb_30cm





PQ loggers small in size with IP65 housing and additional rubber protection. Ideal for measuring power quality in billing cabinets or directly in the sockets. The device is a IEC 61000-4-30 ED2 class S and records all parameters according to EN50160.